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Pay for relisting/rebranding at

Pay for relisting/rebranding at

by JB

January 22, 2021

100 FIRO

16 contributors



After rebranding to FIRO some community members noticed that a popular site for listing all the different masternode coins had de-listed ZCoin, now called Firo.

According to the coin update policy at Rebrand requires a fee of 500 dollars (In todays price that equals 100 FIRO).


This $500 "maintenance fee" has not been paid, therefore Firo is no longer visible at their site. I purpose that we get together as a community and gather this relatively small fee to get relisted on their page.

Pay for relisting/rebranding at

To be paid: 125.35

Completion date: Feb 16, 2021

Funds Awarded: 125.35

Date: Feb 16, 2021