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Zcoin Sticker Pack for Telegram and Signal

Zcoin Sticker Pack for Telegram and Signal

Diego 'rehrar' Salazar

February 17, 2020

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What up Zcoin scrubs?

My name is Diego Salazar, also known as rehrar. I'm a contributor of the privacy cryptocurrency space, and primarily work with Monero. I also own a small design firm Cypher Stack. Need more credentials? I designed both the CCS (Monero) and the ZCS that you're currently browsing, both how it works (so if you hate the flow you can blame me :P) and how it looks.

We very recently made a sticker pack for Monero. Isabella the Monero Girl, which you can view/download for Signal or Telegram.

We want to make a similar sticker pack for Zcoin.

We will be open to suggestions from the community as to what the featured character should be, and make a few drafts to gather feedback. In the event one gains considerably more traction than the others, we'll move forward with that one, but if there's contention then we will either work with the Zcoin core team or I'll decide myself which is the strongest to move forward with. Trust me. I'm a designer. ;)

After the character is decided on we'll make twenty stickers for the sticker pack, covering many of the basic emojies such as smile, laugh, cry, thumbs up, thumbs down, angry, annoyed, etc. If you guys wanted more stickers perhaps this proposal can be overfunded and we'd make even more (depends on what your core team decides to do with the extra money).

All illustrations will be licensed CC BY 4.0.

Additional disclaimer, I would put the stickers on my portfolio site.

If you guys think this is a fun idea, then I'm game to make it happen. I'm happy to answer any questions in this MR. Keep trucking on, Zcoin!

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