XZC Merchant Map

The Arcadia Group

January 13, 2020

126 FIRO

8 contributors

Completed 1 of 2 milestones

#Proposal This is a lightweight propsal for the implementation of a zcoin merchant map using the same system that PIVX does for https://pivxplaces.com/

The functionality for this site includes:

  • A Map with Locations Accepting XZC
  • A Directory with Locations

This is an extremely lightweight proposal with the intention of getting something going in relation to the Zcoin Merchants concept.

Hosting Costs

To be paid: 9% (11.4 XZC)

Completion date: February 10, 2020

After 6 Months of Operation (Maintainence and Support)

To be paid: 91% (114.6‬ XZC)

Completion date:

Funds Awarded:


Funds Awarded: